Proper specimen collection is crucial to ensure the accuracy of test results.

For a detailed guide on the appropriate methods for the collection of all types of specimen, please view the Specimen Collection & Handling section of our Service Catalogue. The instructions contained therein are clear and easy to follow.

Request forms must include the following information:

  1. Full name of patient
  2. Patient’s identification number (NRIC/passport no.)
  3. Date of birth
  4. Sex
  5. Source of specimen (if not blood)
  6. Initial/signature of requesting doctor
  7. Date and time of collection
  8. Name of the patient’s attending doctor/consultant
  9. Other relevant information, e.g. I.V. drugs administered

On the request form, please indicate clearly what test(s) is/are required so that specimen(s) can be processed promptly.

Specimen Collection Containers
Speciment Collection Hotline: 6277-0221 / 6277-0222

Order of Draw

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* Blood culture bottles to be drawn (if required) before blood tubes

* Trace Element: If using serum trace Element tube with clot activator please collect after serum tubes

* Use 2 identifiers for patient identification

* Maximum tourniquet time: not more than one minute

* Sites to avoid taking blood: fistula arm, mastectomy site, IV drip or burn sites

* Always wear a new pair of gloves

Clinical Laboratory Standards Institute CLSI Sixth Edition, Reference to GP41-A6, Vol.27, No.26