Troponin I

An average of 16 million people in the world, die annually of cardiovascular diseases, specifically heart attacks or stroke[i], and chest pain is among the top 10 reasons to visit an emergency department, accounting for about 5{714b0317ff0d4c2d0b23ef5ef82749749dac4743e567866eefde33067ffb5e1f} of all emergency department visits[ii].

Troponins are proteins found in the cardiac and skeletal muscles. When the heart is damaged, it releases troponin into the bloodstream. Troponin tests are primarily ordered by a doctor to help diagnose a heart attack and rule out other conditions with similar signs and symptoms. (

Quest Laboratories now offers the High Sensitive Troponin I (hs Trop I) test. 

Troponin levels are measured with a blood test. High troponin levels can be indicators of other heart conditions or illnesses, too. Self-diagnosis is never recommended and you are advised to see a doctor immediately.


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